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Viceroy's pre-finished solid wood flooring, the highlight of your interior finishes.

Viceroy's pre-finished solid wood flooring is manufactured from the raw material to a perfectly finished product. It is the primary element in the creation of a superb interior design. Consider it the canvas on which your choice of doors, architectural millwork, cabinetry, area rugs and furnishings will be enhanced. Our wide variety of wood species and colours provides a foundation for interiors that can range from the warm honey tones of a traditional 'Arts and Crafts' look to the deep richness of a sleek contemporary design.

The Right Choice for a Healthy Home

Hardwood flooring is widely recognized as an important component of a healthy house design. Home owners are showing a strong trend away from carpet and other synthetic flooring materials that contain formaldehyde and may trap dust mites and pollen that can seriously affect those with allergies and impair the indoor air quality of your home.

Viceroy's pre-finished flooring is warm, enduring, easy to maintain and utilizes an environmentally friendly V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) - free coating. This solid wood feature will enhance the value of any home.

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