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Viceroy News Release

Fort McMurray Hillview Project (April 19, 2017)

Viceroy Houses Ltd is taking part in the rebuilding of Fort McMurray following the devastating forest fires last year where more than 2000 homes in three communities were destroyed.

“We are very proud to be part of this important project. It has been very difficult for the many people who lost their homes as a result of the wildfires. Our primary objective is to move families back into their new Viceroy homes where they can settle in again.” says Vice President of Construction Christopher Maika.

The company is now well into a 214-unit townhouse rebuild project, supplying the multifamily home packages and acting as the general contractor on the job. As part of the project, the Company has opened a sales centre near the site where the owners may drop by to arrange for upgrade estimates or inquire about the project in general.

“Viceroy homes are top-quality products manufactured in a factory-controlled environment”, says Maika. “The Viceroy factory manufacturing process results in very little waste, leaving the world a little bit greener. The quality is hugely important, and so is the fact that Viceroy homes are much quicker to build because much of the work is already completed in the factory. This means that in an area such as Fort McMurray, where the huge demand for home construction makes it difficult to find builders, Viceroy is ideally suited.”

Viceroy Houses Ltd and Viceroy Construction Ltd are members of the Fort McMurray Construction Association, Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association, BC Wood, & BILD. The company’s panel-built homes are approved for new home warranty in both BC and Alberta and Viceroy carries builders’ risk and general liability insurance on all jobs.

Viceroy Houses Ltd. is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of panelized and pre-cut custom Home Packages. Viceroy has built a reputation for superb design, outstanding products, and excellent value. We are dedicated to one purpose: Helping you build a custom home in the most affordable way. Viceroy custom home packages are available through a wide network of sales offices and independent distributors. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in both the east and west, Viceroy ships home packages to clients throughout North America and around the world. The company has shipped home packages to more than 45 countries globally.

Viceroy Construction Ltd. - the construction division of Viceroy Houses Ltd - is able to build your home start to finish, or anything in between. Custom and Turnkey packages for both single and multi-family homes are available from permit application to final inspection.

For information on Viceroy Houses Ltd, please visit the web site at WWW.VICEROY.COM, contact the company’s head office at 604-639-3320 or email to INFO@VICEROY.COM

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